You don't know me, but you should.

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Hello. Due to the panic by Live Journal | Six Apart, which resulted in hundreds of LJ accounts (on all levels) being "permanently suspended" via a vigilanté gang's pressure; this LJ is being de-emphasized.

The “bean counters” at Six Apart are most assuredly running the operation. “Bean counters” want no content or discussions which could scare away a venture capital fund's investors, or cause an advertiser to express “We do not want our ad to appear on {a specific} LJ”. (The result - That specific LJ will be terminated.)
The next step will be the forced placement of advertisements on each and every LJ weblog.
If you are seeking a weblog service which does not censor, try Multiply or Insane Journal.

I adhere to my pledge that this LJ shall remain ad-free (until such time as Six Apart decides otherwise).

Pudgy is quite potent. Those coddled and enfeebled by “mainstream” media {especially scripted “reality” programs where somebody is voted off the show each week} and marketing shall likely find him unsuitable for their comatose minds.

"People find it hard to believe that anybody can really do the spectrum of stuff that I do, because most of the people they deal with are too one-dimensional or narrow-focused on just a certain field. They stay in that field and that's all they do. But I don't operate that way. I'm interested in different kinds of music, film work, computer editing, politics, and sociology and I have pretty well-developed skills in all those areas. But I don't think it's possible for me to correct misconceptions about what I do. People prefer to believe what they think they already know, and to interfere with that is only going to confuse them." - Frank Zappa
"Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.
" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes, in August 2006, I did get a write-up (& a larger picture than Tom Waits) in the Chicago Reader® weekly alternative newspaper. But I will not discuss that in this LJ.